Our organisation has rich experience in various topics related to financial literacy. But what unites us is the desire to make the learning process as effective as possible for our community. We are constantly searching for ways to share in-depth knowledge in a fully comprehensive way. Thanks to our efforts to research the industry’s best secrets, we are able to help our readers to win the financial game but in a simple and fun way.

Matjaž Rekič 

R&D and Digital marketing

Matjaž’s primarily professional efforts in the past two decades are dedicated to researching and developing new web solutions. His primary focus has always been to create innovative web tools and bring them to the user in the most friendly way. In the context of financing, one of his recent developments (which is especially beneficial for society) happens to be the “Financial Freedom” quiz, which he successfully transformed from the early analogue blueprint to a user-friendly web solution. Matjaž’ took his efforts to the next level in the past ten years. That’s the period in which he has been tirelessly working on upgrading his digital marketing knowledge to an even higher degree, all dedicated to the idea of improving the user’s experience of the website visitors. As a part of a team that leads by example, Matjaž often credits his analytical knowledge as an essential tool.


What unites our efforts and is allowing our organization to work flawlessly are our shared values.


It won’t be a mistake to say that in our team, among the highest-ranking skills required for success is the ability to analyze effectively and think logically at all times. One of the best factors that provide us with the chance to grow rapidly is the combination of innovative thinking and impeccable logic.


In every sphere, to be constantly on top of the wave is a must. But when we talk about finances in 21 century – the situation is absolutely outrageous. In such a dynamic, global world, everyone needs to be educating themselves constantly. That is the main motivator for our team, and we hope that our passion for learning will spark the fire in our community, so we can learn and grow together.


When we talk about finances – the value is everything. Of course, this statement is in a literal meaning, but even in a figurative meaning – the value is even more important. For our organisation, providing value for society is a must and the shortest path to significant growth!


To be involved in the financial niche can be a draining mission at moments. What allows us to continue our voyage is our passion. We are passionate about improving our financial literacy constantly and being the conductors of knowledge that can significantly enhance society’s well-being.