I keep track of my expenses on a regular basis.

Within the last year, have you used credit to pay living expenses?

How much do you have in all savings and investment accounts?

On average, what portion of your paycheck is put into savings or investments each month?

The return may be thought of as

Which asset was by far the most profitable investment historically?

Savings accounts and money market accounts are most appropriate for:

What are mutual and index funds?

What is the main difference between mutual and index funds?

The benefit of owning investments that are diversified is that it:

If you invest for less than 3 years, which asset category should you avoid?

To reduce the total finance costs paid over the life of an auto loan, you should choose a loan with the:

Which of the following types of insurance is most important for young parents?

What happens if you can't pay your mortgage?

Why is compound interest important when investing for the long run?

What are dividends?

What is the price of money that is saved or borrowed?

Which of the following is a guaranteed investment?

Which of the following investments is the most volatile?

If you invest in stocks and they go up 10% on average in app. How many years will you double your investment?

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