The mission of “Financial Freedom” Foundation is to advance the financial culture of society through timely and practical educational information, verified experiences, and discussions about the economic future. We provide the necessary infrastructure for the development of skills and knowledge to increase citizens’ financial literacy and competence so that they can improve their well-being and become financially independent. “Financial Freedom” Foundation with ID No. 206678484 is a non-profit in public benefit registered in the European Union, which performs activities in line with its mission.

With each passing day, the financial situation worldwide is becoming more and more turbulent. It becomes harder to achieve financial security. For an increasing percentage of people all around the globe, financial freedom is becoming a mirage. All of the mentioned challenges, and more we address on this educational platform, are becoming a global challenge, affecting the quality of life in almost every country in the world. The outdated educational system can’t serve the need for high-quality educational content in terms of financial literacy. We believe that everyone, despite their age, should have easy access to highly applicable financial knowledge. This fact motivates our organisation to continue providing the necessary resources for everyone. We want our community to be able to make more informed and better general financial decisions. Our team has a lot of years of experience in the field of finances, and we are eager to share our knowledge through this platform. We started our journey to achieving our financial goals a long time ago. Unfortunately, even our team managed to fall into the trap of trusting banks and incompetent advisors.

After a lot of missed opportunities in the past, currently, we are ready to share all of our hard-learned “secrets” and first-hand experience.

With our help, every person can get a better financial sense and start building towards a future of financial freedom. This website is a manifestation of our ultimate goal – to create a high-quality educational platform that enables every member of our community to start building their best future immediately. On the website, everyone can educate themselves in fields such as investing their hard-earned money, creating a resilient investment portfolio, making their money work for them, understanding how the fees work, and in general – how to acquire a practical, real-world financial literacy. For us, these efforts are our way to contribute to the brighter future of every person on the planet. Because the financially savvy citizens are almost always contributing a lot more than anyone else for the overall wellbeing of their communities.

“Financial Freedom” Foundation welcomes you to our website. The foundation with ID No. 206678484 is a non-profit in public benefit registered in the European Union, which performs activities in line with its mission to increase financial literacy.

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