The mission of “Financial Freedom” Foundation is to advance the financial culture of society through timely and practical educational information, verified experiences, and discussions about the economic future. We provide the necessary infrastructure for the development of skills and knowledge to increase citizens’ financial literacy and competence so that they can improve their well-being and become financially independent. “Financial Freedom” Foundation with ID No. 206678484 is a non-profit in public benefit registered in the European Union, which performs activities in line with its mission.

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Our organisation has rich experience in various topics related to financial literacy. But what unites us is the desire to make the learning process as effective as possible for our community. We are constantly searching for ways to share in-depth knowledge in a fully comprehensive way. Thanks to our efforts to research the industry’s best secrets, we are able to help our readers to win the financial game but in a simple and fun way.

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    Financial education includes financial topics for children and adults and provides them with the necessary tools to be financially literate. As a result of education, this financial literacy enables people to be more informed and achieve their financial security and financial freedom. On this page, we publish good examples, resources, and educational materials about finance and economics. The sources are external to our organization, and we do not have a relationship with them. Still, we believe that the information is helpful and provides additional perspectives supporting our cause and mission.